Chocca Orange Cake Pop

>> 26.3.10

Oh yes... Eat Me!!!!!


Wedding Cupcake Tower

>> 21.3.10

Detail photo of the cupcake tower


Wedding Cupcake Tower

My first attempt at a moulded candy shell for the giant cupcake, I think it gives a much cleaner finish... and it tastes delicious!

This tower consists of 108 large cupcakes, 48 minis and the giant cupcake on the top tier... mix of Madagascan vanilla and chocolate with buttercream swirls, poured fondant tops and embossed sugarpaste tops... decorated with little hearts embossed with the bride & groom's initials.

I hope you like it!


Happy Mother's Day

>> 14.3.10

This isn't quite how it was supposed to turn out... I was happily painting white chocolate onto the inside of the Giant Cupcake Pan, thinking it'll just 'pop out' as others have describe it... NOT! The chocolate was finally scraped out with a plastic tool and put in a pot to be remelted for a 2nd attempt on another day... hence the quite simple buttercream base!


Mini Cupcakes

I'm so please with my new cupcakes boxes... my old boxes made the cupcakes all squash up together, these ones are just fabulous! If you want to get some, head on over to and check out their fabulous selection.


Bumble Bee Cupcakes

>> 13.3.10

These were part of a Gardening Hobbyist's cupcake gift box... although they nearly didn't get the Bumble Bees as that bit was lost in translation! Fortunately it was mentioned just in time... phew!


My New Toys :-D

Oh yes... I have a shiny new oven and a shiny new Kenwood Major mixer... soooo pleased... la la la


Hello Kitty Giant Cookies

>> 6.3.10

These really are very large!! I made a template then used that to cut around on the cookie dough... decorated with sugarpaste and handpainted whiskers... couldn't decide if I should paint on a black keyline but decided against it. Will be making a much smaller template as these would have to be about £5 each!!


Giant Cupcake

Giant Cupcake, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Now, being a cupcaker/cookier and not a big caker I didn't have an instant pool of knowledge to call on when I had the Giant Cupcake request... I've done loads of these for top tiers of wedding towers but when they stand along I thought they'd need something 'extra'... so, I thought nice big 11" cake board... and decorate that up... it's lovely to make one of these in stronger colours as they're usually ivory and pastels.

The birthday girl was really into her handbags and shoes so I handpainted a few to top this giant cupcake... I'm loving the results and can't wait to make another one...!


Simple Birthday Cupcakes

I wanted to come up with a generic gift box of cupcakes... kind of 'non themed' so if I get last minute orders I can quickly knock something up... instead of being up til early hours... not good! These were quite quick and I'm loving the colours and flat topped cuppies.

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