Twilight Saga Cupcakes

>> 27.4.10

These were so much fun to make... especially as I had to purchase Twilight & New Moon on DVD then watch them while my little boy had his naps... I'm now a fan!! I've ordered the books and can't wait for my friendly postman to deliver them... asap!!!

I'm not usually a huge fan of printed icing, I generally think they're a bit naff... I like to make it all myself by hand so they're unique and individual... however, I wanted to make little photo frames of stills from the film... I think they worked out really well, even though they're prints...

Hope you like them!


Snoopy & Woodstock Birthday Cake

>> 15.4.10

Madagascan vanilla 4-layer cake makes a top little kennel for Snoopy & Woodstock to have a snooze on!!

I made a very last minute decision to have a go at something different... my brother's 40th birthday! Woke up the morning before and thought "I'm going to make that Snoopy cake I saw in that book"... with lots of "you can do it" from my other half and general excitement from the sprogs I thought "ok!"... didn't have time for the cake to settle, had to carve almost as soon as it had cooled... nightmare... very soft and squashy, hence slight wonkiness.

Anyway... I don't plan on making lots more 'bigger than cupcakes' cakes but I L O V E this little beauty and my brother was over the moon with it.

Happy Birthday Ian, love you loads, Sam x


Special Agent OSO Cupcakes

>> 14.4.10

My 2nd batch of OSO cupcakes made for a lady who had seen them on my website... her little boy is a huge fan of the 'unique, stuffed bear' !!

All Madagascan vanilla with a thick blanket of buttercream under the sugarpaste tops... all handmade and handpainted.


Tottenham Hotspur Cupcakes

>> 8.4.10

The funny story about these cupcakes is that they originally said 'Mark' and the lovely lady arrived to collect them only to say "they're fantastic, but his name is John!!".... I thought she was joking, luckily she was very easy going and nipped to Tesco for an hour to give me time to change the name... the other alternative was to change her husband!!!!


Dalmation Cupcake

>> 4.4.10

Cute Dalmation dogs on top of spicy carrot cupcakes... the carrot cupcakes were a bit of a nightmare as they were SO fresh that they were super soft and not as firm as I would've liked to support the sugarpaste weight... now off to bed... let's hope they're still ok in the morning... fingers crossed! Sx


Hello Kitty Cupcakes

>> 3.4.10

I'm so pleased with my Hello Kitty cupcakes... I've seen so many great attempts where the character just isn't quite right... that's the problem with these recognised characters... if one little details isn't right it all looks a bit odd! So... after 4 months of searching online I finally located some moulding putty and made my own Hello Kitty mould... yay! I then made lots of the little cuties and handpainted them ready to take pride of place on top of a vanilla cupcake!


Mini Cupcakes & Giant Cupcake

>> 1.4.10

Here is the lot of them... hoping that the lovely ladies from Swaffham Childrens' Centre send me a fabulous photo of the whole set up... I'd love to see how it looked :D


Giant Sweetie Cupcake 'Eat Me'

This Giant Cupcake was for the top tier of a 300 mini cupcake tower to celebrate the opening of a children's nursery in Swaffham, Norfolk. The adults were going to save this for when all the hard work was finished!!

Will post the minis later... ...

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