Embossed Rose Cupcake

>> 18.7.10

A sample cupcake that will be used as Wedding Favours, wrapped in cello bags and tied with a pretty ribbon...


Shabby Chic Wedding Cake

>> 17.7.10

This wedding cake was made with a heavy heart. My lovely Mum passed away on 7 July 2010 with this wedding order happening on 8 July 2010... Anything else I could've turned down but not somebody's wedding.

Fortunately, this was a simple order with regards to the decoration, just lots of pretty sprinkles on Raspberry & White Chocolate, Limoncello and Madagascan Vanilla cupcakes topped off with a Madagascan Vanilla layer cake... it was very pretty but will always look at this with sadness I fear.

The lovely bride was over the moon and her bright and cheerful smile did help loads when I was setting it up... congratulations and I wish you every happiness for your future. x


Mickey Mouse!

>> 5.7.10

A notoriously difficult character to capture... ok with my first attempt, though there are many things I would change... those being:

• bigger ears, further apart
• higher arc over the eyes
• wider set mouth/cheeks

And he definitely needs a Minnie to keep that smile on his face :D


The finished Doggy Cupcakes

Here are the little dogs, all dusted and painted to give them character... a little tall to fit in the cupcake box though, lol!


A bit of fondant modelling...

My very first attempt at making little fondant dogs... so much easier than I had first thought, just need to break it down and see what happens :D

These need a dusting of golds and browns to give them a bit more character, just need to let them dry first...

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