Giant Cupcake

>> 28.10.10

Giant Cupcake, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Madagascan vanilla 3 layer sponge cake... in a red candy mould casing... much safer that way for delivery... no crazy sipping around in the car (phew!)... This was for a racing car mad 50 year old... hope he liked it... loved painting the little details on the racing cars... just wish I managed to make a couple of chequered flags too.


Racing Car

Racing Car, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Originally I was going to make 1 big racing car to go on the top of the Giant Cupcake, then I was worried about the logisitics of the car falling off - have had a couple of bad experiences with Giant Cucpakes, even though I've made LOADS of them they still make me slightly nervous, lol! So... I decided to make little racing cars actually racing... until I realised I'd got a little carried away with myself and made them too large to race side by side... oh well, looks like the yellow car was the winner!!! Wanted to keep this quite simple as I think sometimes I can overfuss things... I wanted to add more but left it... want to add a chequered flag but wasn't sure how to make an edible one as I was running out of time... Loved the ribbon I found, so there is chequered flag on there somewhere, lol!

Hope you like it anyway :D Sam x



>> 27.10.10

Banner, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

I loved these Flight of the Ladybird cupcakes so I thought I'd add them to my big vinyl banner that I've had printed to hang on the front of my table at the Christmas Fayre in November...



Postcard, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

I had to put my other hat on for this task... I was getting a bit fed up with my old promotional postcards so I thought I'd update them... why is it when I design for myself it is sooooo much harder?? Probably because the budget and the deadline can both strreeeeetch!! Anyway, hope you like my new postcard... love these cakes with the handpainted leopard spot and the tiny spot embossing... and the lighting was right on this photo, which is rare for me.

Now it's Autumn I'm back to photographing my cakes in my kitchen with overhead spots, not good for my cakes I can tell you!

Have a happy half term. Sam x


Cancer Research UK Cupcakes

>> 25.10.10

150 large cupcakes of the theme "Hope & Love" for a ball in aid of Cancer Research UK. The lovely Jude set of before 7am to collect these and then drive them all the way back to Essex for the event she had raised and funded herself... what a star.

I so hope it was a huge success and that loads of money was raised for such a worthwhile cause that affects 1 in 3 people. I lost my lovely Mum to cancer only 14 weeks ago so I was very keen to help out here, it was tough but therapeutic. Sam x


Emma & Shaun

>> 11.10.10

Emma & Shaun, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Close up of Emma & Shaun's wedding cuppies... soooo pretty!


Emma & Shaun

Emma & Shaun, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Giant vanilla cupcake and 96 vanilla cupcakes for Emma & Shaun's wedding.

Had a nightmare with delivering this cake... I drive like Miss Daisy when I'm transporting Wedding Cakes... however, some bozo decided to do 90mph round a tight bend forcing me up the kerb and a bit of sharp breaking... resulting in my beautiful giant cupcake losing it's top layer slightly... from the front it is fine but from the side it is really wonky, I could've cried. You can see a slight ridge from the front where it slipped... next time I will insist on a chocolate casing for Giant Cupcakes I think... just not worth the stress, they are a sod to move!

Thankfully, the bride and groom were lovely about it but I still felt awful as it should've been perfect and it wasn't.

Thanks... have a nice Monday, Sam x

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