Racing Car

>> 28.10.10

Racing Car, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Originally I was going to make 1 big racing car to go on the top of the Giant Cupcake, then I was worried about the logisitics of the car falling off - have had a couple of bad experiences with Giant Cucpakes, even though I've made LOADS of them they still make me slightly nervous, lol! So... I decided to make little racing cars actually racing... until I realised I'd got a little carried away with myself and made them too large to race side by side... oh well, looks like the yellow car was the winner!!! Wanted to keep this quite simple as I think sometimes I can overfuss things... I wanted to add more but left it... want to add a chequered flag but wasn't sure how to make an edible one as I was running out of time... Loved the ribbon I found, so there is chequered flag on there somewhere, lol!

Hope you like it anyway :D Sam x


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