Emma & Shaun

>> 11.10.10

Emma & Shaun, originally uploaded by Scrumptious Buns (Samantha).

Giant vanilla cupcake and 96 vanilla cupcakes for Emma & Shaun's wedding.

Had a nightmare with delivering this cake... I drive like Miss Daisy when I'm transporting Wedding Cakes... however, some bozo decided to do 90mph round a tight bend forcing me up the kerb and a bit of sharp breaking... resulting in my beautiful giant cupcake losing it's top layer slightly... from the front it is fine but from the side it is really wonky, I could've cried. You can see a slight ridge from the front where it slipped... next time I will insist on a chocolate casing for Giant Cupcakes I think... just not worth the stress, they are a sod to move!

Thankfully, the bride and groom were lovely about it but I still felt awful as it should've been perfect and it wasn't.

Thanks... have a nice Monday, Sam x


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