Twilight Saga Cupcakes

>> 27.4.10

These were so much fun to make... especially as I had to purchase Twilight & New Moon on DVD then watch them while my little boy had his naps... I'm now a fan!! I've ordered the books and can't wait for my friendly postman to deliver them... asap!!!

I'm not usually a huge fan of printed icing, I generally think they're a bit naff... I like to make it all myself by hand so they're unique and individual... however, I wanted to make little photo frames of stills from the film... I think they worked out really well, even though they're prints...

Hope you like them!


Joanna 27 April 2010 at 15:32  

yeah... they turned out superduper pretty. :D i absolutely love them! in fact, i'm envious.

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