Snoopy & Woodstock Birthday Cake

>> 15.4.10

Madagascan vanilla 4-layer cake makes a top little kennel for Snoopy & Woodstock to have a snooze on!!

I made a very last minute decision to have a go at something different... my brother's 40th birthday! Woke up the morning before and thought "I'm going to make that Snoopy cake I saw in that book"... with lots of "you can do it" from my other half and general excitement from the sprogs I thought "ok!"... didn't have time for the cake to settle, had to carve almost as soon as it had cooled... nightmare... very soft and squashy, hence slight wonkiness.

Anyway... I don't plan on making lots more 'bigger than cupcakes' cakes but I L O V E this little beauty and my brother was over the moon with it.

Happy Birthday Ian, love you loads, Sam x


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